Surron LBX Pedal Conversion Kit

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Official Surron kick pedal system conversion kit. Allows for independent power application from throttle or through pedals. Please note the kit is designed for machines with restricted power and speed ie 25kmph or 15 mph as a EAPC (Electrically assisted pedal cycle) and therefore has a very small rear sprocket to match. If you use the small rear sprocket in the kit and the bike is used in full power mode with large throttle openings at low speed then it can cause serious damage to the motor internals. So we recommend that if you want full power/speed with the pedal kit fitted then DO NOT fit the small rear sprocket supplied with the kit, but retain your original 48T standard sprocket.      


All models Light Bee 

Surron Pedal Kit Installation Video


  • 1 x Complete Crank
  • 2 x Sprockets
  • 2 x Crank Arms
  • 2 x Pedals
  • 1 x Drive Chain
  • All fitment hardware